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Free Positive Body Curvesome Yoga Checklist

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Welcome to Curvesome Yoga, where we believe that all bodies are beautiful and deserve to be celebrated. Our body-positive practice is designed to help individuals of all shapes, sizes, genders, and ethnicities feel comfortable and supported as they explore the benefits of yoga.

At Curvesome Yoga, we focus on gentle, mindful movement that honours the body and promotes self-care, understanding, and acceptance. All of our poses are designed to be accessible and comfortable for all body types, and we offer variations and props to help make each pose more comfortable.

We understand that yoga can be intimidating for those who don't fit the mainstream "yoga body" stereotype. That's why we prioritize inclusivity and create a safe, welcoming space for everyone to practice yoga in a judgment-free environment.

Our workshops are designed for teachers, trainers, and students who are looking to deepen their practice and learn how to create an inclusive, body-positive environment in their own classes. Through our workshops, you'll learn about the philosophy of body-positive yoga, the principles of inclusivity and self-acceptance, and how to adapt poses for different body types.

In addition, you'll explore the importance of breathwork, mindfulness, and self-care in body-positive yoga, and discover how to use variations and props to make the practice more accessible. Our workshops culminate in the integration of all the elements of body-positive yoga into a comprehensive practice, including a complete body-positive yoga class and reflection on personal growth and benefits of the practice.

Curvesome Yoga is the perfect practice for anyone looking to reconnect with their body and find a sense of self-acceptance. Join us today and discover how body-positive yoga can benefit you.

To learn more about Curvesome Yoga and our workshops, please visit our website and sign up for our upcoming sessions. Let's celebrate all bodies and create an inclusive, supportive community through yoga!


Partner with Curvesome Yoga for a body-positive and inclusive yoga practice that celebrates all bodies. Our gentle and mindful movements honour the body, regardless of size, shape, gender, ethnicity, or ability, with all poses designed to be accessible and comfortable for all body types. Our focus on self-care, understanding, and acceptance promotes self-acceptance and encourages students to embrace their bodies with kindness and compassion.

Join us as a teacher, trainer, or student in our Curvesome Yoga workshops and experience a supportive and judgment-free environment that fosters self-acceptance and nurtures unique bodies. Our inclusive approach to yoga means all bodies are welcome, regardless of size, shape, gender, or ability level. With a focus on breathwork, gentle movement, mindfulness, and self-care, our program offers a comprehensive understanding of body-positive yoga and its benefits.

Partner with us to promote body positivity and inclusivity through your products or services. Our workshops and program are an excellent starting point for anyone looking to deepen their own practice or share the benefits of yoga with others. Together, we can create a more inclusive and accepting world for all.

Join the Curvesome Yoga community and find a practice that feels nourishing and supportive for your unique body.

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Donna Noble, Curvesome Yoga

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